Monday 2 December 2019, 5:58am
TV PICK: Kirstie's Handmade Christmas (Weekday Series), C4, 5pm; Miranda Christmas Specials (R), Gold, 9pm
Monday 2 December 2019, 5:57am
Monday 2 December 2019, 5:52am
Advent Calendar - So what's behind Door Two? A Santa Hat!
Monday 2 December 2019, 5:50am
Christmas UK Countdown: There are 23 days until Christmas...
Right, three more full working weeks and a General Election until Christmas. We can do this.
Sunday 1 December 2019, 11:00pm
IDENT WATCH: Faith Matthews has spotted a new BBC1 ident! Check out that snowball fight...
Sunday 1 December 2019, 10:17pm
** 2019 ** TRAILER TIME! Aha, the BBC have a new YouTube channel for trailers. Here's their Christmas films trailer.
Sunday 1 December 2019, 9:21pm
TRAILER TIME! Here's the BBC1 Christmas films trailer!
Sunday 1 December 2019, 9:15pm
** 2019 ** If you're looking for the annual Star Wars Christmas ad tie-in, then look no further. Samsung Galaxy introduces us to a Chewiedog.
Sunday 1 December 2019, 9:00pm
IDENT WATCH: Here's that BBC1 cuckoo clock ident - not sure if the 2D and 3D graphics mix well...
Sunday 1 December 2019, 8:48pm
It's been a big weekend...

2019 WATCHLIST PROGRESS: ██████████████░░░░ 78% (39/50)
Sunday 1 December 2019, 8:22pm
Initial thoughts on the BBC1 Christmas idents: the brand ad stands on its own merits, but not sure if chunks of it make strong enough idents. A shame.
Sunday 1 December 2019, 8:19pm
IDENT WATCH: This was the first BBC1 Christmas ident, kicking everything off.
Sunday 1 December 2019, 8:15pm
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