KingOfChristmas #2: Sky Cinema (non-mover) - 5 appearances, 38 points

Sky's Advent Calendar advert this year was a little too dialled back for us, so they've lost ground this year. Always one to watch though - here's 2011's "Homecoming" movie mash-up ad.
Monday 31 December 2018, 6:08am
KingOfChristmas #3: Very (non-mover) - 4 appearances, 19 points

Very had a misfire this year as they show signs of running out of ideas, ending up with a subtle reflection of how gifts could change someone's life. They won the 12 Ads in 2015 with this classic, though.
Monday 31 December 2018, 6:07am
KingOfChristmas #4: Sainsburys (up 3) - 4 appearances, 22 points

The major movement in the league this year! Plug Boy helps Sainsburys to rise as the rest falter. Their best year was 2014, with their Christmas Truce ad.
Monday 31 December 2018, 6:05am
KingOfChristmas #5: John Lewis (down 1) - 3 appearances, 9 points

Talk about lucky! Had the major labels had a better year, John Lewis would have fallen many more places. Instead, it's just the one as they coast on the back of previous successes. Here's "Monty The Penguin" from 2014.
Monday 31 December 2018, 6:03am
KingOfChristmas #6: Asda (down 1) - 3 appearances, 12 points

Usually a big player, you can never really discount them. This year's misfire was unfortunate - it was a good ad, but highly derivative of Argos' recent Christmas ads. We much preferred their funky "Because It's Christmas" ad from 2015!
Monday 31 December 2018, 6:01am
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Our Christmas 2018 Run-Up is ending in the traditional way: revealing who are currently leading the King Of Christmas league table.

Thank you all for following us throughout the Run-Up of 2018! Special thanks to those who sent us links, tips, nice comments, and even the odd thing for The Silver Bauble. Seeing the joy all of this brings people is what keeps us coming back for more every year.
Monday 31 December 2018, 6:00am
Markets Ending: Aberdeen, Glasgow, Nottingham
Monday 31 December 2018, 5:58am
TV PICK: MOTD: The 2018 World Cup Story, BBC1, 2.10pm; Raymond Briggs: Snowmen Bogeymen And Milkmen, BBC2, 9pm; The Last Leg Of The Year, C4, 9pm; Jools' Annual Hootenanny, BBC2, 11.15pm; Madness Rock Big Ben Live, BBC1, 11.35pm
Monday 31 December 2018, 5:57am
Monday 31 December 2018, 5:56am
That's the bottom half of the King Of Christmas league table - join us tomorrow as we show you the top half and round off 2018!
Sunday 30 December 2018, 6:14am
KingOfChristmas #7: Aldi (down 1) - 3 appearances, 14 points

All of the places below this were non-movers, but now we have a change. Aldi misfired this year with a third chapter in the Kevin The Carrot story. After a brilliant and original Coca-Cola truck spoof, Aldi soon returned to safer, well-trodden ground, somehow leaving behind most of the jokes too, with just whimsy remaining. Let's remind ourselves of Kevin's first episode from 2016...
Sunday 30 December 2018, 6:12am
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