KingOfChristmas #8: Argos - 3 appearances, 18 points

A rare moment of utter originality from one of our childhood brands. 2015's slide down a mountain was monumentally impressive back then. and the them has been well-used since then.
Sunday 30 December 2018, 6:10am
KingOfChristmas #9: TK Maxx - 3 appearances, 19 points

TK Maxx's off-the-wall adverts are brilliantly original, but are always pipped to the post. 2013's "The Moment" harked back to simpler days.
Sunday 30 December 2018, 6:08am
KingOfChristmas #10: Waitrose - 3 appearances, 19 points

Waitrose had a good 2018, but JUST missed out on a place in this year's 12 Ads Of Christmas. 2016's "Home For Christmas" was their high-point for us.
Sunday 30 December 2018, 6:06am
KingOfChristmas #11: Boots - 3 appearances, 20 points

A surprising under-performer, but is always beaten to the punch by the other brands. We do miss their "Here Come The Girls" theme - here's 2011's Bond-esque ad.
Sunday 30 December 2018, 6:04am
KingOfChristmas #12: Matalan - 3 appearances, 23 points

Hanging on for dear life, and lucky not to drop out of the league entirely! We're not keen on their webisodes, but 2011's snowglobe-filled ad really hit the spot.
Sunday 30 December 2018, 6:03am
This is our eighth Christmas, and each year we have the 12 Ads Of Christmas awards. By keeping track of the number of appearances in this chart, and awarding one point for 1st place, and 12 for 12th, we can see what the overall trend is for which brands produce the best Christmas adverts.

With the major brands dialling back or misfiring, there isn't actually much change this year as the 12 Ads Of Christmas 2018 featured lots of minor players. But let's give you an update of where we are after 2018's Run-Up...
Sunday 30 December 2018, 6:01am
TWO DAYS TO 2019! But we still have 2018 to round off, and that means giving you all an update on the King Of Christmas league table. Stats nerds UNITE!
Sunday 30 December 2018, 6:00am
TV PICK: Britain's Favourite Chocolate Bar, C5, 9pm
Sunday 30 December 2018, 5:57am
Sunday 30 December 2018, 5:56am
It was reassuring to see that even when the major brands dial back their Christmas ads, the minor players will always step up in surprising ways to take their place. Bravo to Visa, Walkers, Manchester and Duracell for making such original, wonderful adverts that will be remembered for a long time to come.

And well done Barbour, for coming up with consistently good ads based on a well-loved franchise - it would have been so easy to ruin The Snowman for everyone, especially three adverts into the run. A very respectful way of treating a much-loved classic. Contrast that with Halifax's use of Ghostbusters!

There are still two days left in the year, and we'll use them to report on the updated King Of Christmas league table - just how far will John Lewis fall, and will M&S maintain their lead? Stay tuned...
Saturday 29 December 2018, 6:10am
Here's the full list of winners of the 12 Ads Of Christmas 2018:

1 Barbour
2 McDonalds
3 Apple
5 Currys PC World
6 Duracell
7 Manchester
8 Sainsburys
9 Save The Children
10 M&S
11 Walkers
12 Visa

Bubbling under: Argos, Waitrose, Asda, Tesco, Zizzi, Huawei, Vodafone, Boots, Tk Maxx and Specsavers
Saturday 29 December 2018, 6:08am
12AdsOfChristmas #1: Subtle. Beautiful. Original. Poignant. It was the 40th anniversary of the publication of The Snowman picture book this year.

For the past few years, Barbour have been putting out Snowman-themed ads, each one surpassing the last. This time they made a reconstruction of the whole first act, and they captured the spirit of the Snowman films precisely.

A true work of art - we found it irresistible. It had to be the winner of our 12 Ads Of Christmas 2018!
Saturday 29 December 2018, 6:06am
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