RADIO PICK: Pick Of The Pops 1981 & 1992, Radio 2, 1pm; The Canterbury Tales - played by The Archers (1/2), Radio 4, 2.30pm
Saturday 29 December 2018, 6:01am
12AdsOfChristmas2018 #3: We're into the realms of the astonishing now. Apple have added a strong plot to their tearjerking Christmas ads as this one encourages you all to show off your talents. Us, we say be great at some things, crap at most things, but give everything a go, and share everything you do - there will always be an audience.
Saturday 29 December 2018, 6:01am
We are entering the final weekend of 2018! How are you all spending it? Us, we're going to show you the winners of the 12 Ads Of Christmas 2018!
Saturday 29 December 2018, 6:00am
TV PICK: Top Of The Pops New Year, BBC1, 5.10pm; Celebrity Game Night (New Series), C5, 10pm; QI XL Christmas Special, BBC2, 10.30pm
Saturday 29 December 2018, 5:57am
Saturday 29 December 2018, 5:56am
12AdsOfChristmas2018 #4: Beautiful, subtle, and just plain daft. KFC shows that chicken will always be superior to turkey.
Friday 28 December 2018, 6:06am
12AdsOfChristmas2018 #5: Welcome back to the fold Currys PC World! Their upgraded Christmases set in Dickensian times really hit the spot - just check out all the detail they packed in! All those background jokes - great!
Friday 28 December 2018, 6:04am
12AdsOfChristmas2018 #6: This is glorious, and if only it were true. If only the Duracell Bunny chased after Santa during Christmas Night putting in batteries into all those toys. Wonderful idea brilliantly executed.
Friday 28 December 2018, 6:02am
2008: Christmas Ident Calendar for Dec 28 (last one!) - ITV
Friday 28 December 2018, 6:01am
We're in that strange Twixmas period between Christmas and New Year. Some of us are at work (hem, hem), others slightly relaxed, very relaxed, relaxed beyond belief, and as relaxed as a newt. Our 12 Ads Of Christmas 2018 continues...
Friday 28 December 2018, 6:00am
TV PICK: A Question Of Sport Christmas Special, BBC1, 8.30pm; Re-Play 2018 With Richard Osman, ITV, 9pm; Rob Rinder's Good Year Bad Year, C4, 10pm
Friday 28 December 2018, 5:57am
Friday 28 December 2018, 5:56am
We have a special request just come in. Some of you may recognise the name Colin McGregor - he's contributed a few articles to The Silver Bauble during this Run-Up.

On Sunday, Colin had a heart attack and is currently in hospital going through what needs to be done for him to make a full recovery.

He's just sent us an email asking us to relay his thanks and appreciation to the staff at the Falkirk Royal Infirmary's Intensive Care Unit, plus the paramedics who took him there on Sunday.

Colin says it's a strange experience to spend Christmas in hospital, but the staff gave everyone a gift, and one of the doctors played Christmas carols on his saxophone.

Get well soon, Colin - we hope you have a speedy recovery, and are able to return home soon.

-- Linus & Nick
Thursday 27 December 2018, 4:54pm
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