2011: And then Toys R Us began to have issues, and decided the time had come to reinvent themselves. Their new "Toys R Us Kid" theme song was very grating...
Sunday 25 March 2018, 7:02am
1989: It wasn't until 1989 when their classic "Magical Place" theme tune appeared on the scene, and would become their anthem for over 20 years.
Sunday 25 March 2018, 7:01am
1985: So farewell, Toys R Us... another name from our childhoods disappearing. Their megastores opened to such a subtle ad to begin with, borrowing "The Snowman's" "Walking In The Air".
Sunday 25 March 2018, 7:00am
Times change :( Toys R Us are going into administration as people prefer to shop online rather than make a big trip out of town to one of their massive stores. Will they last until this Christmas?

Here's a 1985 memory from happier days.
Wednesday 28 February 2018, 1:57pm
Wednesday 28 February 2018, 5:50am
Christmas UK Countdown: There are 300 days until Christmas...
Well, well, well... we were thinking that London's Oxford Street Christmas lights were getting a little long in the tooth. Oxford Street have offered a £3,000 prize to the team who offers the best design for their replacement.
Friday 9 February 2018, 8:00am
Markets Ending: Edinburgh, Liverpool, Swansea
Sunday 7 January 2018, 5:58am
This is becoming a tradition! Here's some pics of the abandoned London from Christmas morning.
Friday 5 January 2018, 3:10pm
Markets Ending: Bournemouth
Thursday 4 January 2018, 5:58am
Markets Ending: London/Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, London/Clapham Common
Monday 1 January 2018, 5:58am
Final 2017 Watchlist:
███████████████████░ 96% (44/46)
Sunday 31 December 2017, 2:46pm
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