Christmas 2012 Lookback
The BBC Takes Austerity Too Far

It all started so well. The BBC’s pre-Christmas promos were classy, with a set of promo sketches starring Rob Brydon and Sarah Alexander as they organise BBC1’s festive line-up.

The promos were sharp, the theme was “Showtime”, and the soundtracks chosen were pretty jazzy. The TV schedules were fair, although not brilliant, but the presentation was quite basic.

We thought that these basic idents were going to expand and lead into something more showy once Christmas arrived, but no, they would always be a closed curtain and a basic pattern flashing in front of it. But it’s not all bad news - BBC1 Northern Ireland had their own ident plus an Advent calendar, and they outshone their mainland colleagues.

Lambourghini Has The Right Sort Of Drink/Drive Ad

And finally, Lambourghini had a sweet viral video showing that Santa drinks and flies. Milkshakes, naturally.

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