Christmas 2012 Lookback Gives Bond A Nod

After wall-to-wall James Bond and Olympic ad campaigns, fashion website decided to take the Bond theme one step further with their Christmas ad. Nicely done, very reminiscent of a Bond movie intro credits sequence.

Morrisons’ Satire Depresses A Nation

Oh crumbs, where to begin with this one? Everybody knows that Christmas can be hard work with so much going on, so many competing interests to juggle, and so many preparations to make. Morrisons decided to make a 90-second ad which listed several of these and only waited until the very end of the ad for a brief feel-good moment after a minute-and-a-half of sheer depression.

Yikes. The advert is made even worse by the observations having been made so many times before in other, better ways - lots of this advert could have been lifted directly from the old BBC “Grumpy Old Men” Christmas special. There wasn’t even a strong novelty factor to hang onto. This was the opposite of a feel-good ad, the sprouts in the Christmas dinner, the dates your grandmother gave you in your stocking, the naff toy that was made in China and didn’t come with any batteries.

Channel 4 Finally Gets Into The Spirit Of Things

Channel 4 was celebrating its thirtieth anniversary throughout 2012, which meant that the traditional annual showing of “The Snowman” was also thirty years old that Christmas. A new sequel was commissioned, called “The Snowman And The Snowdog”, and was the centrepiece of Channel 4’s Christmas 2012 schedules. Blessed by Raymond Briggs, the sequel was a joy to watch.

The station couldn’t resist creating a new Christmas ident, their first in several years, featuring “The Snowman And The Snowdog”, and played it before any of their festive shows. It was a really nice surprise.

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