Christmas 2012 Lookback
Tesco Doubles Down On The Realism

Tesco completely ditched their Christmas showcase ads with a large number of short stings dotted throughout the ad breaks. Each one featured some facet of most people’s Christmas. Some were snappy, some were heart-warming, and some were quite subtle.

No celebrity endorsements needed, just different groups of people enjoying Tesco’s products. They were nicely done, but we missed the big annual extravaganza ads. The slightly extended stings were the closest we got from Tesco that year,

Waitrose Strips Back, But Misses The Point

Classy supermarket chain Waitrose decided to take on the persona of the friend who turns up at your house at Christmas and tells you they haven’t got you a gift this year, and are instead going to give the money they would have spent on you to charity.

It was a noble effort, until you realised that the amount of money spent on producing a Christmas advert is nothing compared to the amount spent on booking advertising time on TV to show everyone that they are cutting back just like you and me. Waitrose’s marketing people laid on their austerity a little too much, with sister chain John Lewis’ marketeers rumoured to be smarting a little at the implication that their “Snowman Journey” adverts were unnecessarily lavish.

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