Christmas 2012 Lookback
HMV Tries To Keep Its Head Above Water

There was a time when HMV was a strong high street chain store offering a wide range of music and video with little in the way of competition. Now, in the age of the Internet, discounted prices and straight-to-your-door delivery, HMV is struggling. Their TV ads were usually nothing to write home about, whether it was the run-up to Christmas or any other time of the year. The choice to stick with the price list format year in year out with little in the way of imagination or creativity was rather uninspiring. But, times were tough, and a bold new gambit was required. Nipper the dog and his gramophone were about to be reinvented in a series of animated shorts.

They were cute, they were simple, but they were just there to publicize the brand - no products were actually advertised in those animations!

Sainsburys Tries Something A Little Different

The days of the celebrity chef advert are long gone for Sainburys. Jamie Oliver is now a distant memory, so this time around Sainsburys went with the theme of “Sainsburys Days”, such as “Let’s Open The Chocolates Early Day”, “Will The Lights Work Day”, and so on, with each advert forming a quick fifteen-second sting.

Sainsburys also tried something new with their street-level billboard ads. Taking their “Will The Lights Work Day” one step further, the headlines on their billboards had small Christmas lights threaded through the lettering. Naturally, some of the lights were not working, but could be turned on by pressing a physical power switch at the bottom of the advert. Nice touch.

DIESEL Takes You Back In Time

YouTube ad campaigns are a very mixed bunch - budgets tend to be low to non-existent, which is why we here at Christmas UK only show you the better ones. DIESEL’s “Magic Of Christmas” series of shorts featured a group of models being hypnotized into thinking that they were five-years-old on the night before Christmas. You saw the raw childlike anticipation of the day to come, getting their presents on the big day, and then completely losing it and trashing the Christmas morning living room in a sugar-fuelled rage. Original, if a little baffling.

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