Christmas 2019 Lookback
Advert Time

We’ll cover the best ads from the Christmas 2019 Run-Up in our 12 Ads of Christmas feature, but there were also a few other notable ads. The Muppets were used to advertise a new videochat system, which no doubt is having a profitable 2020...

The most viral ad was probably this one for Hafod Hardware, starring a very cute kid and made for just £100. It was such a sweet ad that it made headlines up and down the country.

IKEA tried introducing grime music into their Christmas ad, and it was very much an acquired taste, and also quite a depressing experience to watch!

M&S had a rare misfire, with a dance-based ad centred around a shoulder-roll dance move. It was a little too simple for us - their dance-based ads don’t usually score highly with us. Maybe that’s because there’s not much humanity in them compared to their other ads?

The dance troupe M&S used also went around major train stations as a flash mob for bemused commuters.

So for a tumultuous year, the UK didn’t do too badly for festive celebrations. 2019 was also a classic year for Christmas ads - have a look at our 12 Ads Of Christmas 2019 to see what we thought were the best of the bunch this time around.

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