Christmas 2019 Lookback
Writing this article in August 2020, during the first year of the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s strange to think back to the previous year’s Christmas Run-Up which had the backdrop of political stalemate surrounding Brexit, leading to a rare December General Election. Regardless of where you sat when it came to various issues, the uncertainty surrounding everything kinda killed the festive vibe when it came to the Christmas Run-Up.

But we here at Christmas UK plodded on and did what we could, and thankfully the various brands stepped up and gave us a classic year in terms of ads and products. And when the BBC began their festive programming, their new brand ad reflected these tensions perfectly.

The General Election came and went. Certain policies were set in stone courtesy of a landslide win. Surely everything would calm down a little once Christmas 2019 had been and gone? But 2020 had other plans… but more about that in 2021...

We’ll be covering the 12 Ads Of Christmas 2019 in another section, but here are the things which caught our eyes during that year’s Run-Up.

Movie Time

The big Christmas movie was “Last Christmas”, starring Emila Clarke, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh and Emma Thompson, and also written by Thompson herself, inspired by the music of George Michael and Wham! - and it’s an incredible Christmas movie that interprets Michael’s lyrics in a very creative manner. The twist was completely spoiled by the papers at the time, but that doesn’t ruin what is a very touching and funny movie - perfect festive fare.

On the small screen, the Christmas TV movie that grabbed our attention was the very well-crafted “A Christmas Movie Christmas”, which lovingly spoofs all those Christmas movie cliches to form a fun roller coaster of its own. You don’t expect this level of self-aware satire from an American Christmas movie, it’s well worth checking out!

And on Freeview, the True Movie channels were relaunched as Sony Movie channels, including the pop-up channel Sony Movies Christmas which started mid-September(!). The movies were generally iffy, but there were a few strong (if very old) Christmas TV movies in the schedules, plus some lesser-known movies which had cinema releases to minor acclaim.

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