The Silver Bauble #9 - 21/3/20
A Quick Word...

Hah, and at the end of last year we thought 2020 would be simpler than 2019!

Hello - we’re back :)

Linus here - you all know The Story So Far when it comes to the national (and global!) situation, so we won’t re-cap that here. Nick’s office went into lockdown at the start of this week, and is now working from his home for the foreseeable future. I’ve been self-isolating at my place for a couple of weeks now as a precaution as I’ve been travelling for work and didn’t want to be a risk to others. We’re both healthy, as are our friends and family, but it’s been a very stressful, anxious fortnight as we adapted to the New Normal.

Nick had a great idea the other day for adapting a script he had written recently so that it posted a few random videos every day from now on, so we have activated that and it appears to be going down well, mainly because we really do need something to break up the rather horrific times we’re going through. We’ll see if we can bring forward a few Christmas UK projects we were hoping to have for when our tenth Run-Up began but, as you can understand, it can be a little difficult to gather the motivation to work on a few things right now!

We’ll be here for the full duration of this crisis, although not going full-tilt until September 16th as we usually do. We’re guessing that the Christmas press shows around July will be somewhat muted, but we’ll still bring you what details we can get - we have a hunch that this year’s set of press shows will be purely online experiences, but we’ll see.

Please let us know if you see any Christmas-related news - we’ll be very happy to share it with everyone. The minor trend of putting up Christmas lights as a symbol of hope really brightened up our days. And if you fancy seeing a particular old video (advert, song, anything really), then ping us a message here or via social media and we’ll see what we can do.

Stay safe everyone, listen to government advice - these are the sorts of days where we really need to listen to the experts - and we’ll get through this together.

Linus & Nick

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