Christmas 2018 Lookback
Christmas Crackers

Highlights of the Christmas 2018 Run-Up? No offence to the permanently-misfiring John Lewis, but for us it was IRN-BRU putting out a sequel to their classic Snowman-inspired advert,

Naturally there was a teaser sequel on social media:

And then came the main event. It scored highly with us, but of course it inevitably lacked the novelty of their first Snowman ad:

Aldi decided to capitalize on the popularity of their Kevin The Carrot mascot by bringing him and his family back for a third series of Christmas ads. The teaser advert excited us greatly:

The Coca-Cola trucks ad spoof was brilliant, and we were looking forward to a string of other advert-based spoofs to follow it. Imagine Kevin The Carrot doing a spoof of the old launderette Levis ad? Naturally, Coca-Cola took note and took part:

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