The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2018
King Of Christmas 2018 Update

And now the nerdy bit. By measuring the number of appearances in our 12 Ads Of Christmas, and giving one point for first place, two for second, right down to twelve for twelfth, we can get a good handle on the trends showing who creates the best Christmas ads.

That’s the theory.

In practice, it can be affected by when the major brands dial things back, as they did during 2018. We’ll take you through the top four in a sec, but know that from fifth to twelfth everyone is on three appearances, with John Lewis hanging on precariously on fifth (down one) as it relies on previous successes in the increasingly distant past. Unless they have a good ad this year, they can drop even further - but we said that last year, and the conditions for great Christmas ads in 2019 from the major brands are not good.

Let’s see how things stand now after eight Christmases…

4) Sainsburys (up three, four appearances, 2018 winner)

Their mega-budget Christmas school play made Sainsburys rise the only major change in the King Of Christmas League Table this year.

3) (non-mover, four appearances)

The inspirational female astronaut tale was sweet, but really didn’t stand out in the crowd, and now Sainsburys are snapping at their heels.

2) Sky Cinema (non-mover, five appearances)

Sky stalled this year with a safe Advent Calendar ad that lacked ambition, and are lucky that didn’t score this year as they’d have been overtaken.

1) M&S (non-mover, extended lead, six appearances, 2018 winner)

Dear old dependable M&S - they’ve had six ads appear in our 12 Ads Of Christmas over the past eight years, and have just extended their lead over Sky with a traditional “What Makes Christmas Christmas?” type of advert. Sky can’t catch them up in 2019, so M&S could take things easy this year - but let’s hope they don’t!

Here’s the full league table - everyone below them are on either one or two appearances.

# +/- Appearances Score Brand
2)--538Sky Cinema
5)-139John Lewis
9)--319TK Maxx

So not much difference from last year’s League Table, and 2019 may be even more dialled back than 2018, let’s see. If John Lewis don’t get their act together, then they can be overtaken by anyone below them in this table. And bubbling under on two appearances, watch out for Barbour, KFC, McDonalds and Duracell who have momentum and are snapping at Matalan et al’s heels. Barbour especially are ones to watch - have they gone as far as they can with their Snowman-inspired adverts? Will they try something new?

Well… follow Christmas UK and we’ll find out together!

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