The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2018
3) Apple (1st appearance)
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Anxiety, depression and introversion have become hot topics in recent years, and Apple came up with this fable for our times. A shy girl writes as a hobby, agonising over every word, but always locks up what she has written, too frightened to see what other people think of her efforts. Then a freak accident causes all her papers to rain down over her hometown… It’s a beautifully-rendered animation, showing the town getting ready for Christmas as she ties herself in knots over her hobby, and the payoff is as sweet as ever. Pulling at the heart-strings whilst never getting mushy, this is a perfectly balanced Christmas ad.

2) McDonalds (2nd appearance)

How does a fast food chain get kids to eat carrots? Call carrot sticks “Reindeer Food”! This gloriously-produced tale following Santa and his reindeer as they make their annual trip over the UK shows the consequences of forgetting Ruldoph and friends - forget the carrots, and they get tired out. Could they make it through Christmas Eve whilst Santa gets the mince pies, cookies, milk and brandy? Then passing over one particular town, Santa has an idea… Brilliant.

1) Barbour (2nd appearance)
Maybe, Just Maybe

You’ll have seen how other brands handle well-loved franchises in their ads - and we’ll never forgive Halifax for what they did with Ghostbusters - so Barbour picking up the Snowman/Snowman and Snowdog franchise is like handing over a Ming vase to a toddler. These past few years have shown that Barbour has treated this franchise with a lot of love and respect, and each year’s ad has out-shone the previous one. And whilst previous years went with animated ads, 2018’s live-action re-enactment of the first act of The Snowman to mark the 40th anniversary of the original picture book is so faithful to the plot and spirit of the original storyline, we just had to fall in love with it. This ad would fit in perfectly in the breaks between the two animations. Pure Christmas magic.

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