The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2018
9) Save The Children (2nd appearance)
Please Wear Responsibly

Another comedy ad as Save The Children plays another blinder as their annual Christmas Jumper Day builds in popularity. Of course, it’s not always appropriate to wear a noisy light-up chunky 3D Christmas jumper to work, and this ad shows the consequences of doing so. Funny!

8) Sainsburys (4th appearance)
The Big Night

Most Christmas ads are planned way in advance, and Sainsburys has a spot of bad luck. They hit on the original idea of school plays being given Hollywood budgets, produce a stonker of a Christmas ad…

...but a couple of months before broadcast date John Lewis steals their thunder by doing the exact same thing for their brand relaunch.

And the kicker? John Lewis’ Christmas ad was nothing special. The Sainsburys ad, however, captured the nation’s hearts, and “Plug Boy” became a hero.

7) Manchester (1st appearance)
Manchester Makes Christmas

Fetch the tissues.... This one is a hell of a weepie, and from such a surprising direction too! Manchester’s ad for Christmas featured a very charming tale of a grandmother sharing some memories with her grandson, with the sucker-punch that her husband had died the previous Christmas. So heartwarming, so sweet, and so sad - such an emotional rollercoaster for such a short ad. It’s so difficult to get the Christmas weepie style of ad right, but this targets your soul and doesn’t miss its mark.

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