The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2018
This was an odd year. You all know what’s happening with this nation, so we won’t re-cap that here, but let’s acknowledge that the current cultural mood is reflected in everything we do, including the Christmas Run-Up. As a result, it felt like most of the major brands took a step backwards and played safe with their adverts this year with little in the way of extravagance. But whilst some newspaper commentators called this the death of the Christmas advert, we here at Christmas UK saw that this allowed the more minor brands to step forwards and get more notice than they would have done normally. 2018’s 12 Ads Of Christmas shows how well they did. Let’s dive in…

12) Visa (1st appearance)

Here’s a perfect example of the minor players stepping up. Sure, Visa are not exactly unheard-of, but in this age of ubiquitous online shopping, Visa stepped up to promote the idea of supporting your local independent stores by having a selection of them sing a rendition of Mariah Carey’s Christmas hit. Definitely an advert for its time, a novel cause to support, and hits all the right notes.

11) Walkers (1st appearance)
Meet Our Festive Flavours

We love a truly sharply written comedy advert, and Walkers delivered in spades. This year, Walkers introduced a set of festive crisp flavours - and had them introduce themselves. The characters were sharply defined, the scripts were very funny, and the performances were spot-on. What’s more, rarely for any sort of comedy sketch, it survives several re-watches. Fire it up!

10) M&S (6th appearance)

The first of the major players now, as Marks and Spencer returned to a classic approach that is truly their own: the celebrity-sprinkled “What Makes Christmas Christmas?” theme. This time around, M&S practically kept the celebrities as background decorations in their main ad, and instead of having the Christmas-food-to-music ads that they usually fall back on, they brought back the vox pop with members of the public replacing the celebs. This gave their Christmas food ads a freshness that had been lacking these past few years. The major brand kept things real this year, but M&S showed that reality need not be so boring.

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