Bauble Writing Guidelines
We'd like The Silver Bauble to be a reflection of you all, so we'd love you to send in any articles for us to publish as part of future Baubles. They can be thoughts about Christmas past, present and future, your reviews of your favourite Christmas movies, albums and songs (including those obscure ones you think people would love discovering), and anything else that reflects what you love about this time of year.

Think of The Silver Bauble as a glorified letters page where you can exchange thoughts, memories and information with the other followers of Christmas UK. Here are a few guidelines about the sorts of things we’d publish:

1) A good length for a piece of writing is around 500 words, although we’ll take up to 800 words. This way it stays an easily-digestible size people can read with a coffee, or whilst there’s a snatched moment in a busy schedule. Naturally we’ll take anything that’s shorter!

2) Although Christmas UK is a Christmas site for adults, we try and keep the content family-friendly - or at least borderline family-friendly! Lots of parents follow this website with young kids watching over their shoulders.

3) The more obscure the memories are, the better! The more personal the stories are, the more interesting they’ll be to others. For instance, if you were to send in a movie review, most people will have seen Arthur Christmas, but A Child’s Christmas In Wales is a long-forgotten classic.

4) Wondering what to write? A good general rule of thumb is that if you find something interesting, then someone else will too. So we’ll take memories, stories (fiction and non-fiction), music and video reviews, recipes, and thoughts and analysis of the current Christmas Run-Up.

5) Try to avoid contentious issues - stay away from politics, anything illegal, and anything offensive. Generally, don’t be a jerk :)

6) We may edit submissions here and there, but we’ll run the edits by you before we publish anything.

Above all, have fun writing these! And once written, please email them to along with any photos you’d like us to include with the article.

And thank you so much for doing this!

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