The Silver Bauble #3 - 16/9/18
Christmas In July 2018 Round-Up

July seems like such a long time ago now. Back when Britain baked in record heat, the major brands were showing off what they had lined up for this Christmas. There were very few write-ups, but here’s what we managed to collect:

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Movie Review - Christmas Under Wraps

The Christmas 24 movie channel was such a revolutionary idea a few years ago: a movie channel completely dedicated to Christmas movies. Of course over the years other corporations have jumped onto the bandwagon - Sky has a premium subscription channel, True Christmas serves the other end of the scale, with much older and lower quality festive fare. Christmas 24 sits in that middle ground with the latest Hallmark Christmas movies, plus other US TV network movies.The quality is middling compared to the big Hollywood movies, but they are very watchable after a long day at work.

It used to be that you could only get Christmas 24 with a cable or satellite subscription, but with the rise of the app you can now get access to it for a few quid a month with the TV Player app on your smart TV. We just sign up for October, November and December, and then enjoy a steady stream of festive frolics for the rest of the year. Christmas 24 goes full time from October 20th this year, with festive double bills during the preceding weekends that month.

One movie which frequently does the rounds is Christmas Under Wraps, starring grown-up Full House child-actor Candace Cameron Bure and Bill Murray’s brother Brian. Bure plays aspiring city hospital surgeon Dr Lauren Brunell, who plans her life to the smallest detail. When her plans go awry she find herself posted to a general practice in the remote town of Garland, Alaska. Garland is an intriguing town where everyone is close, happy, and loves Christmas. Murray plays Frank Holliday, CEO of Holliday Shipping, who specialise in shipping items all over the world, and whose workload strangely peaks during the night of Christmas Eve…

Naturally, Holliday has a son called Nick, and his practical ways endear him to Dr Brunell as the pair get closer whilst she decides whether to follow her original long-term plans, or stay in the remote town that is growing on her.

It’s a fun movie with a sweet supporting cast and sub-plots. You can see the twists coming a mile off as well-trodden formulas are given another retelling, but it doesn’t matter. This film will fill you with festive cheer and should definitely be one of the titles you reach for should you need a pick-me-up.

So We’re Underway… But We’d Like Your Help

Christmas UK is now Full-Tilt until the end of the year! You can expect a few posts every day as we cover the nation’s preparations for the Big Day, and also a healthy dose of nostalgia as we throw in the odd bit of Christmas Past. Please keep sending in the odd tip and link whenever you see anything festive for 2018 - without you all, this website would only be a fraction as good as it is today.

The Silver Bauble would also like your help! We’d like this newsletter to be a reflection of you all, so we’d love you to send in various thoughts about Christmas past, present and future, your reviews of your favourite Christmas movies, albums and songs (including those obscure ones you think people would love discovering), and anything else that reflects what you love about this time of year.

We’ll post up the best ones in future Silver Baubles, which should increase in frequency as we get closer to Christmas - there’ll always be something for us to write about as the nation’s preparations get into gear and we begin to see what everyone has been working on.

Until next time, strap in… We’re in the final hundred days before Christmas, and everything is beginning to unfold around us. The Christmas catalogues should be hitting the High Street in a couple of weeks’ time, and the first Last Posting Dates are just around the corner.

It’s not Christmas yet, but it’s not far off - and we cannot wait!

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