The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2017
King Of Christmas 2017 Update

And now the unashamedly nerdy part of our 12 Ads Of Christmas as we look back over the winners of the previous years and see if we can spot any trends. Each brand earns one point for first place, two for second, and so on, and they are ordered by the number of appearances they have made in our annual 12 Ads Of Christmas awards. Out of the seven years that we have been doing this, it has got to the stage where you need three appearances in order to reach the current top twelve, and five appearances to lead.

It’s just a bit of fun, but we find it fascinating! Here’s the top four:

#4 (non-mover, three appearances) - John Lewis

Yes, a non-mover! John Lewis had three very good years, and with seven other brands also on three appearances, are holding onto their position by their fingertips! 2014's "Monty The Penguin" was so long ago…

#3 (down two, four appearances) -

They've lost their lead! Their sequel to 2016’s ad missed the mark quite considerably, so let's enjoy that heart-filled epic one more time.

#2 (up one, five appearances) - Sky Cinema

The masters of reinvention, their movie mash-ups gave way to a wonderful nostalgic ad this year. Here's their first main mash-up, 2011's "Homecoming".

#1 (up one, five appearances) - M&S

They've had their duds (X-Factor tie-in, anyone?) but M&S truly are the masters of magic, and have leapt into the top spot as suffers a misfire. Here's 2014's "Christmas Magic and Sparkle".

The King Of Christmas Charts

# +/- Count Score Brand
2)+1538Sky Cinema
4)--39John Lewis
9)-2319TK Maxx

And here’s the full chart of the current top twelve brands - and you will see that nine brands are currently filling the bottom of the table with three appearances, with John Lewis balanced precariously at the front of that pack having had a few very good years a long time ago. They really need a good advert in 2018 in order to stay in the game, and with a rebranding advert that blew our minds, they’re in a good position to do that. We shall see…

Out of all the top twelve brands, only four of them have won the 12 Ads crown: M&S,, Aldi and Boots, showing that the key to staying in the pack is consistency over the long run. It’s very tight amongst the top three - any one of them could take the lead after 2018 has finished, although with there’s only a slim chance of that happening as they’d have to win the 2018 12 Ads, and M&S and Sky would have to not win a place in the top twelve 2018 ads.

Bubbling under are the troubled Debenhams and House Of Fraser on two appearances each - it will be interesting to see how their current problems affects their next Christmas advert, or even if either of them will have a Christmas advert this year. Both brands tend to dip in and out of having one for a few years at a time.

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