The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2017
6 - Amazon

We love it when new ideas are shown in Christmas adverts - after all, there’s only so far you can go with snow, food, and parties! Amazon’s army of parcels singing their way from warehouse to destination it just joyous. Unfortunately, this attracted the attention of those people who need to fill space in “news” papers and websites, blasting Amazon for daring to suggest that not every Christmas present is delivered by Father Christmas. All we can do is shrug our shoulders at this notion, as we’ve given Christmas presents ourselves ever since we were tiny kids.

5 - Asda
Best Christmas Ever

Not that a bit of classic inspiration is anything to be frowned on! Asda heavily drew upon Charlie And The Chocolate Factory as they showed a girl and her father making their way through a fantastical factory of their own, watching their festive food range being made. It’s such a feel-good ad, it had to make it to our 12 Ads Of Christmas!

4 - Barbour
Gifts They’ll Always Remember

Viewers of the Halifax adverts will know that you mess around with classic films at your peril - we will never forgive them for bastardizing Ghostbusters for their own ends! So when Barbour took on The Snowman And The Snowdog, we thinned our lips are hoped that they would tread carefully. A sequel to last year’s “sequel” to the actual official The Snowman sequel was delightful, as they wrapped up a clip from the film with a couple of lovingly-crafted new scenes. It works!

You can see the effort that Barbour put into making sure their ad was faithful to the original film here, and we’re hoping for a third installment this year.

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