The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2017
9 - Debenhams
You Shall

The detailed love story was another theme of the Christmas 2017 Run-Up, with Debenhams coming up with the best of the genre by far. Ewan McGregor narrates a sweet tale for today’s social media-centric days as Debenhams brings their own twist to the Cinderella story. Beautiful.

8 - Boots
Show Them You Know Them

Another sister-act here, brought to you by Boots as they cover similar themes to House Of Fraser, except with slightly older sisters. This has different pacing to HoF’s ad, preferring to tug at the heart-strings rather than having a party vibe, and it works!

7 - Sky Cinema
Mother & Daughter

Now this is a surprise! Sky Cinema don’t usually go for the tear-jerker type of ads, preferring various movie mash-ups, and maybe the odd fantasy-based ad, so this tale of a mother and daughter’s love of The Sound Of Music over the years caught us with a sucker-punch that we’ll never forget.

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