Christmas 2017 Lookback
Christmas Rapping

Covering the Christmas Run-Up every year is a joyous hobby to take part in, however there are times where we feel that we should be earning danger money. Sometimes something comes along that is so horrific that it makes a lasting impression on you. We wouldn’t necessarily say we are scarred for life, but we definitely needed counselling and a stiff drink after seeing this for the first time.

We feel obliged to share our pain with you, and we’re not even vaguely apologetic about it. The Christmas ad was made by Peacocks (the shop, not the birds) and featured many (ahem) “stars” of X Factor, and fronted mainly by Jedward and Honey G. You’re welcome. Just be thankful it’s only thirty seconds long - although it feels like an eternity.

We can never write off Primark. Although they rarely advertise on TV in the Christmas Run-Up, they always produce a lengthy film that they play on big screens in the backgrounds of their stores. As they really are moving wallpaper, they usually go for eye-catching visuals and, this year, a rap-filled soundtrack. Always worth a look.

How do you feel about karaoke? This is very much a Marmitey pastime, but Sainsburys doubled-down on it producing a lengthy advert featuring their own song that they were going to try and get the nation to sing. The ad is OK, featuring a mixture of celebs and members of the public singing along, but we felt the advert overstayed its welcome.

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