Christmas 2017 Lookback
Brilliant Beverage Brainstorms

There was some divine inspiration going on in the drinks sector as they came up with a set of seasonal stunts which well and truly hit the mark.

We begin with Baileys, who out of nowhere came up with a serving suggestion that was sheer genius - we now wouldn’t have Baileys any other way!

In 2016 Costa Coffee committed a calamitous Christmas crime: they replaced the cherry sauce in their Black Forest Hot Chocolate with a real cherry. Naturally, this disastrous development did not go unnoticed. Twitter was in uproar. Costa knew what it had to do to make things right:

Starbucks decided to be a little more subtle, with a nod to celebrating diversity. Their festive Christmas Red Cups were not red in 2017 - the idea was that you were meant to colour various printed patterns in yourself. How you’re meant to do that whilst it’s filled with a Gingerbread Latte and not scald you for life was not demonstrated, but it was a nice idea.

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The Little Love Story Lengthens

Here’s a nice trend from the Christmas 2017 Run-Up. Usually when love stories are featured in Christmas ads, time is so short that they usually lack much of a plot. Not so this year, and Vodafone went for a series of five or six adverts starring Martin Freeman. The first installment was very promising:

Unfortunately the following episodes were paced so slowly that we lost interest before we reached the conclusion. It’s such a nice concept that we hope someone else will have another attempt at this kind of approach this year.

Meanwhile, Heathrow created a sequel to their 2016 ad showing a couple of teddy bears making their way home for Christmas. This time around, they made an advert showing their back-story, featuring how they met, how they grew, and the family they built. It is such a well written tear-jerker, it only just missed out on a place in the 12 Ads Of Christmas 2017.

But leave it to Warburtons to bring out the epic extravaganza. We love the fact that they’ve entered into the habit of launching a major new ad campaign at the start of every few Autumns running up to Christmas, and 2017 brought to us a Peter Kay infused classic as he takes on Jane Austen. Introducing Pride and Breadjudice, and it is hilarious!

...but the best Christmas love story came from Debenhams, and features in the 12 Ads Of Christmas 2017.

Now, before you turn the page, take a breath and brace yourself...

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