Christmas 2017 Lookback
And breathe… Everything is going to be OK…

It’s a scary world out there, and we’re happy to have the annual Christmas Run-Up to focus on as the rest of the world goes into flux. It hasn’t been plain-sailing, though, as many of the players contending for a winning position in our 12 Ads Of Christmas list have since hit rocky times, and some have even wound up in the face of uncertainty.

But life goes on, we will always have Christmas, and 2017 was a vintage year!

Going To The Dogs

Have a look at your hound. For those of us without a dog, have a look at your robot vacuum cleaner (mine is called Chuggy). For those of us not blessed with such a godsend, read on as this much-ignored demographic received gallons of glittery love this year. Well, maybe not the vacuum cleaners…

Your faithful friend is no doubt pining for TV shows to watch. Perhaps Corrie doesn’t tickle its funny bones. Maybe Strictly is a little too energetic. Christmas 24 has felt their pain, and came up with a Christmas movie made especially for them. Meet Merry Woofmas...

A tantalising tale told by X Factor’s Louis Walsh, it was especially designed to attract their attention and make them feel good. The reasons why they wanted to do this has been lost in the mists of time - which is impressive as this was only nine or ten months ago. When the full film arrived - well, we say “film”, it’s only a few minutes long - it went down rather well. What do you make of it?

This was not an isolated incident as other places were also after your pooch’s pounds. Glasgow held a Christmas fair for dogs, filled with treats for your terrier, hot food for your foxhound, and even Santa’s grotto for your greyhound.

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Manchester decided to be a little more exclusive, where a pug cafe opened serving “Mince Pug Pies, Dognuts, Christmas Pupcakes, Gingerpug Cookies and more” - although we may well pass on the “Dognuts”...

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Cats must be seething right now...

Summer Specials

We’ve had a nice annual tradition running for a few years now. No, not gifts, stockings, or Christmas shopping in a blind panic on Christmas Eve, but an advert in Summer that is heavily flavoured by festive frivolousness.

It was Boots’ turn to carry that torch in 2017 with a Summer-spiced singalong version of I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day that became a bit of an earworm.

Channel 4 surprised everyone twice. First they got their hands on The Great British Bake-Off, then they produced this magnificent Frog Chorus-inspired advert for it that strongly echoed its music video. Glorious.

Sadly, no one has picked up the Summer Christmas ad baton in 2018, but you can bet your penultimate penny that we haven’t seen the last of this genre!

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