The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2016
King Of Christmas Update

We keep a league table of all of our 12 Ads Of Christmas winners to see which brands produce the most-consistently good adverts year-on-year, and with John Lewis misfiring, who can take and hold onto their crown?

Let’s get straight to business...

#1 (up two, with four appearances) -

Helped by very strong entries these past couple of years, here’s last year’s “The Journey”...

#2 (non-mover, four appearances) - M&S

They’re patchy, but they usually get into the mix. Here’s their fairytale from 2013...

#3 (up three, four appearances) - Sky Cinema

Adverts for film channels are usually pretty dull, but with Sky’s resources they usually manage to put out something surprising year after year. Here’s their 2011 Homecoming movie mash-up…

#4 (down three, three appearances) - John Lewis

Controversial, we know, but we think that John Lewis’ Christmas ads have misfired quite often recently. However, 2014’s Monty The Penguin was just perfect…

And bubbling under, we have the following:

5) Sainsburys
6) Argos
7) TK Maxx
8) Cadburys
9) Asda
10) Waitrose
11) Iceland
12) Aldi

There’s all to play for - any of the top six can claim the top-spot after the 2017 Christmas Run-up, and it would be nice to see a resurgence for John Lewis. If only they’d bring back a bit of humanity into their Christmas ads...

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