The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2016
#1 - Aldi
Kevin the Carrot
We need to talk about Kevin…

Aldi have been on our radar for a while now, with each year’s Christmas ad more or less improving on the previous year’s. Now times have changed, and the budget supermarkets are thriving, so for this year Aldi decided to turn things up to eleven.

The first sign was a teaser leaflet, and the level of anticipated hype made people think that it was for the new John Lewis advert. It wasn’t until some bright spark compared the font used in the teaser that anyone was able to link this to Aldi.

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Then the interest in it dropped away - after all, Aldi were just a budget supermarket, surely they wouldn’t have anything special for us? Boy were we about to be proven wrong… Aldi introduced us to Kevin The Carrot, and their take on The Night Before Christmas was sharply written, incorporating some subtle jokes alongside some not-so-subtle ones.

What’s more, this was the opener to a seven-part epic which was so well-crafted that we’re going to break with Christmas UK tradition and show you the whole lot! First up is Kevin’s exploration of the Aldi dessert table...

...and then he told a Christmas cracker joke...

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