The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2016
#4 - Clarins
Christmas With Clarins

Here’s the perfect example of why we love following the Christmas Run-Up every year - sheer original, well-executed creativity from surprising directions. Clarins as a brand just were not on our radar, and not only did they produce a Christmas advert, but they nailed the mood, the look, and the feel of a perfect Christmas advert on their first attempt. Bake-Off fans, look closely, for here is plenty of inspiration for this year’s Christmas cookies and sugarcraft...

#3 - Waitrose
Home For Christmas

Forgive us for making a quick stop by the cookie jar just then, but we’re back on the job now. The journey home for Christmas provides great inspiration for the ad makers year after year, and Waitrose took it to the next level with a story of the trials and tribulations of a robin flying home - and it comes with a reveal at the end that will give you a sucker-punch. Sweet...

#2 - Very
Get More Out Of Giving

Giving is better than receiving… right? Of course it is, and Very illustrates this perfectly in this gorgeously-rendered animation of a woman returning home for Christmas from the office, giving presents left, right and centre, literally lifting her heart. Glorious.

But there was one Christmas ad campaign that was head and shoulders above everyone else - and it wasn’t for a brand of shampoo....

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