The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2016
#6 - M&S
With Love From Mrs Claus

Marks and Spencer have been going through a bit of an existential crisis these past few years - is it a clothes store, is it a food store, is it both, is it a brand? Their ads have been formulaic of late, and their stores haven’t been doing that well as a result. So for this Christmas, there was a change in tack for their main advert, a nicely understated tale centering around what Mrs Claus gets up to whilst her husband works the night. The story pulls on the heart-strings without getting cloying, and it’s a fantasy story which keeps the subtlety high and the incredulity low. A firm favourite.

Channel 4 even teamed up with Mrs Claus to launch their Christmas line-up!

So, with such a brilliant concept, why are they only number six in 2016’s 12 Ads Of Christmas? Their food ad… rather than keeping the Mrs Claus theme, they went back to the old routine. Aaaargh….

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