The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2016
#9 - Morrisons
Morrisons Makes It

Rivalries can run far, and run deep. At your family get-togethers, is there usually a practically-unbeatable master of the board game? Morrisons feels your pain, and for their main Christmas ad, they have a cute half-pint hero who craves revenge. The training is intense, as he spends the months before Christmas reading up on anything and everything. He is prepared. He is ready. His enemy must be vanquished. After Christmas dinner.

#8 - NotOnTheHighStreet
Magic Is Real

Some cracking imagination on show here. sells Christmas presents which are handmade made by hundreds of back-room crafters. And as you’re reading this, one thing is abundantly clear: these people must be elves...

#7 - House Of Fraser
Christmas Is Coming For You

House Of Fraser’s first spikey Christmas ad really caught us by surprise last year - the shocking tone was so intense that it took us a while to recover and look beyond that to see the rather well choreographed sharp visuals that were on display. Well, in 2016 we were ready, and we appreciated their follow-up ad even more as a result. Just sit back, take a few deep breaths, and take it all in.

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