The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2016
2016 was a rather dialled-back year as the brands tended to keep their adverts simple and practical. With countless ads full of price lists, you’d think that these people were making these ads in order to sell things rather than entertain us Christmas watchers. But there was still plenty of creativity on-show, and our 12 Ads Of Christmas 2016 is a strong line-up, with some phenomenally good ads making the grade. And at the end of this round-up, we’ll update you on the King Of Christmas as we see who are consistently making the best ads year-on-year.

#12 - Sky Cinema
A New Premiere Every Day

Take the Advent Calendar motif, and literally turn it on its head. Sky’s dizzyingly original view of the festive staple manages to take three-dimensional clips from Hollywood blockbusters, and somehow insert them into a giant Advent Calendar so that each of the scenes juts out of each day’s doors. A great twist on a well-worn concept that was executed perfectly.

#11 - Duracell
How The Rebels Saved Christmas

First weepie alert! The practically-annual Christmas Star Wars ad arrives courtesy of Duracell to mark the release of the Rogue One movie, and cleverly illustrates childrens’ imaginations. Set in a childrens’ hospital, inserting a couple of batteries into an R2-D2 toy opens up a world of fantasy as children play at being Star Wars rebels, safely delivering R2-D2 to its eventual destination. With sharp editing switching between the game and real life, we could watch this for hours.

#10 - Bettys
Christmas Is More Magical With Bettys

This is nice. Ever wondered what your child gets up to when you stop in the street to talk to a friend? Maybe they’re staring at a Christmas window display… and it’s come alive! Bettys’ gingerbread village is populated by fun little characters getting up to mischief that only those of a certain age can see. So the next time your beloved says they thought that the display moved, maybe give it a second look?

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