The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2011
#3 - Iceland
Driving Home For Christmas '11

Iceland dusts off their old Driving Home For Christmas strand, this time with Stacey Solomon having a highly romanticised version of a journey back home to Dagenham - so romanticised that there was a backlash from some of the locals claiming that none of the houses in Dagenham were decorated as nicely as those in the advert.

#2 - Matalan

Snowglobes are another of my weaknesses, especially when well built and designed, so when this ad popped up I was utterly enchanted by it. Tying in the season’s slow-motion technique with a rousing ballad and sharp visuals, this unmissable advert was tough to beat. But beat it someone did...

#1 - Boots
Here Come The (Bond) Girls

Boots’ Here Come The Girls ad campaign is now a few years old and the ideas were wearing thin, not to mention the humour being rather forced, but their Christmas 2011 ad campaign was sharp, witty, and above all rather original. Taking on a soundtrack inspired by the Bond movies, and coupled with supporting shorter ads which detailed offers with style, Boots produced a classy collection of Christmas commercials that kept raising a smile watch after watch. They are very worthy winners of Christmas UK’s 12 Ads Of Christmas 2011.

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