The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2011
#6 - Bells
Tumbler Orchestra

One of the first surprises from the Christmas run-up of 2011 - a glass orchestra playing Axel F. As I’m a sucker for ‘80s nostalgia, there was no way that this wouldn’t make the list! Sounding like nothing I had ever heard before, and a choice of tune that steers it well away from pretentiousness, it’s a fun ad that’s well worth a watch.

#5 - John Lewis
For Gifts You Can't Wait To Give

This is the advert which, if you believed the hype, sent the nation as one crying over their mince pies as the 90-second heartstring-tugging advert ended with the sweetest of sweet endings. It’s a wonder that the audience didn’t suddenly become diabetic. It’s a great advert, there’s no doubt about that, but let’s keep things in perspective!

#4 - SKY Movies

We’re onto the extravaganzas now, the adverts which were made with huge budgets and also pulled off some very neat ideas. SKY’s offering featured a man working his way through various movie scenes on his journey home for Christmas. The switch over to black and white for the Wonderful Life scene was a stroke of genius. Watch.

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