The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2011
#9 -
Holly and Fearne Take On Santa

Subtlety goes out of the window whenever Very launches a Christmas ad campaign, and this year is no exception. However, their latest attempt is also rather watchable with a simple premise: ordering online is better than relying on a rather young-looking Santa. The exchanged looks between the stars nicely removes the need for dialogue.

#8 - Jack Daniels
Holiday Barrel Tree

A lovely dose of realism from Jack Daniels with shots of people tasting the drink before shipping, culminating with the barrels being stacked into a pile and then decorated by Christmas lights. Beautifully shot, down to earth, and a tasteful addition to the usual tinsel-fest.

#7 - Perfume Shop
If Only You Could Bottle It

Slow-motion films turned out to be rather popular this Christmas, and the power the films carried was amplified with the introduction of HD so you could watch and study every facial expression in tiny detail. The Perfume Shop punched above their weight by capturing so many intimate scenes in one short advert.

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