Christmas 2016 Lookback
Final Thoughts

Let’s loop back a few pages to those classic TV ads which have been remade and reimagined so they reflect today’s age. Some things are due to come to an end some year soon, and the prime candidate for extinction is the paper Christmas catalogue. We’re in the age of the website, and anyone who has tried carrying (and merely opening) an Argos catalogue these days will have realised that printing out the contents of a website cannot be viable for much longer. As the websites get bigger, the paperback catalogue becomes a bit of a joke - indeed, in 2016 both Next and Booths gave out their Christmas catalogues as hardbacks because they were beginning to become impractical

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...although with Booths, they were also trying to go for the higher class market, with the hardback catalogue giving them a little extra prestige.

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Back to the present day, 2017, just before Christmas UK goes full-tilt, and we’re hearing that Argos are experimenting with phasing out their paper catalogue entirely. With most people having internet access, either at home, work, or in a library, the death of the larger paper Christmas catalogue is looking more probable every year.

The world is also getting more complicated - we won’t dwell on the reasons why that is, you’re probably sick to death of all that stuff already. We here at Christmas UK believe that no matter how bad things get, let’s commit ourselves to keeping all things Christmas a positive experience for us and our kids to enjoy. We don’t want our kids to grow up too soon, re-enacting melodramas such as Mulberry’s Christmas viral.

Raleigh have the right idea - let’s keep joy and wonder as part of the season.

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