Christmas 2016 Lookback
Meanwhile, Throughout The Nation...

Away from the brands, the Great British public were stepping things up a notch, with a repeat of a new Twitter phenomenon. Every year, many of us travel across the country to stay with friends and family, and there’s usually not enough beds to sleep everyone. So, some households get a little inventive as every square inch of floor space is suddenly up for grabs. Impromptu cribs are made of cushions, blankets, boxes… Bonus points are given for discovering something rather unnerving or disturbing in your hosts’ home. And the hashtag for the tweeted photos of these unusual seasonal surroundings? #duvetknowitschristmas. Genius. Gloriously British.

After coverage by Mock The Week the other year, the Gavle Goat in Sweden is now on our radar - the town centre Christmas sculpture that gets (illegally!) burned down year after year. 2016’s effort didn’t even last one day!

Back in Blighty, churches are now part of the online review revolution, as Christmas services are rated for duration, interest, and the number of free mince pies on offer.

Speaking of churches, the Christmas lights in London’s Regent Street were incredibly impressive, with a fleet of giant angels which were huge in all three dimensions. Refreshingly religious, which is rare these days for Christmas street decorations.

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