Christmas 2016 Lookback
Stunts and Virals

Christmas inspires lots of stunts, silliness and seasonal shenanigans, and 2016 was no exception. For instance, one of the big Internet crazes of the year was “The Mannequin Challenge”, where people would stage a scene frozen in time, and someone would fly through it with a camera to record it. Sounds lame, but B&Q pulled it off with this Christmas viral.

Santander’s Christmas charity drive did something obvious that we haven’t seen before. Introducing “Santa&deer” bank, people were able to deposit toys in their local branches in return for chocolate coins. A simple, elegant idea.

The rise of the smartphone has lead to a generation of us spending most of our times staring into screens most of the day, so Three led a charge to get people to put them down over Christmas. Encouraging people to go “Cold Turkey” for a while over Christmas, they hoped they’d get us all to reconnect personally with our friends and family. A nice gesture.

Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day is now an annual thing, and appears to be getting larger with each passing year. For 2016, the town of Cardigan voted to rename themselves to “Jumper” for the day!

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And finally, the makers of Monopoly came up with an idea of spreading peace and love throughout the festive season - by offering a helpline to help defuse Christmas arguments that arise when playing the board game after a particularly heavy dinner.

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