The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2015
#2 - Argos
Just Can’t Wait For Christmas

This is what we love about the Christmas Run-Up: the sheer creativity shown as people find new ways to celebrate the oldest of holidays, and Argos went off-piste - literally! As we join the Argos Army sliding down the snowy slopes carrying toys in their wake, we have some incredible action scenes interspersed seamlessly with product shots, all to the beat of “Troika” in the background. Absolutely wonderful - but there’s still just one more which was even better...

#1 - Very
The Journey

Now this is special… gone are Holly and Fern, and instead Very focus on the snowy scenic seasonal journey that presents from very take from the mothership, and for a herd of pink boxes, the ad makers haven’t half crammed in a lot of character into them! An utter delight, with a small tug of the heart-strings at the end of it all. A very worthy winner of the 12 Ads Of Christmas 2015.

And what about 2016? Well, we’re wondering if there’s going to small downturn in the scale of Christmas ads this year. There’s a theory floating around that advertisers are focussing too much on Christmas, and that the rest of the years is suffering a little too much as a result. It would be a crying shame if we lost some of the gloriously beautiful ads we’ve seen recently, but I’m sure there’ll always be a few stellar Christmas ads to be enjoyed, even if it’s not from the larger brands. We’re rather looking forwards to it - pull up a chair and join us for a piece of stollen and a glass of something sinful as we enjoy the ride for another year!
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