The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2015
#4 - Quality Street
The First Sign Of Christmas

Quality Street rarely makes new Christmas adverts, but when they do, they’re something rather special. The delicately falling sweet wrappers in a cellophane snow storm makes for a lovely scene full of depth and character. Joyful.

#3 - Asda
Because It’s Christmas

And now we’re into the astronomical section of the 12 Ads Of Christmas 2015, with each of these three brands launching ad campaigns which were beyond breath-taking. Asda took on recent X Factor star Fleur East’s launch single “Sax” and used it as a very funky background to their epic, full-on, festive party ad that celebrated all the best in the Great British Christmas. From white van men, to pugs in antlers, their Christmas ad had it all, and boy did it work.

“Sax” was the party single of the Christmas run-up, and the party-based ads were so well choreographed that we could watch Asda’s ads over and over. Perfectly pitched, and yet there was more...

As is the fashion these days, some of the clips in the main ads were expanded into ads of their own, and the Pug Christmas love story was a sweet change of pace that tugged at the heart-strings.

Asda rounded off their Christmas ad campaign with - what else? - Europe’s “Final Countdown” and the ultimate Christmas lights displays. Plural. Not just on the house, but also the car! Brilliant way to finish off a very strong ad campaign. But it’s only #3...

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