The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2015
#6 - M&S
The Art Of Christmas

Oh dear… we were very happy with Marks’ “Art Of Christmas” ad, but the memory has been somewhat tarnished by their ad agency re-using the format time and time again throughout 2016. Their Christmas ad was very striking at the time, though, and “Uptown Funk” didn’t feel quite so under-played, but it hasn’t aged well in the months since we draw up this chart!

Even their food ads are beginning to look old and formulaic - perhaps it’s no surprise that M&S ditched their ad agency this year and some new life desperately needed to be breathed into their ads. But their Christmas ads were a high point this year.

#5 - Cadbury
Cadvent Trucks

Now this is courageous - and on two fronts, too. When people think “Christmas trucks”, Coca-Cola immediately springs to mind - with an outside chance of thinking about DFS’ Santa Trucker. Cadbury decided to make their own, terribly British version of the Coke trucks ad by having 24 trucks, each one sent to a mystery town every day of December - or “Cadvent” if you will. Brilliant. But then they go left-field and use the Thunderbirds theme as the background music, and whilst it works, you cannot help thinking that something more seasonal would have made this ad perfect. But #5 in our 12 Ads Of Christmas isn’t anything to sniff at!

But what was in these mysterious trucks? A Cadvent Grotto - behold!

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