The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2015
#9 - Celebrations
Christmas Tree Heist

You know the scene. You’ve stocked up on various treats for your family, hiding them in various places around the house. But you leave an open tin of sweets open just for a millisecond, and then look back and wonder if some of them have gone walkabout. Do you blame the kids? Do you ‘fess up yourself? Or maybe, just maybe, some of your Christmas decorations had an interesting idea...

#8 - British Gas
Wilbur The Pengiun

Just on the turn of Winter, British Gas revamped their adverts and introduced us all to Wilbur the Penguin in this richly rendered animation. From the midnight snowfall through to Wilbur slip-sliding his way ever onwards, this short tale of Wilbur exploring a well-heated home evokes memories of The Snowman.

And to join in with Text Santa’s knitted jumper theme that year, a special “knitted” version of that advert was made, too!

#7 - Anchor Spreadable
Little Elephant

Oh we’ve all been there.... either as a long-suffering parent, or watched our poor, cursed friends who happen to have kids… and someone decides to give one of those little cherubs a nice present… that needs batteries… and doesn’t have a volume knob… What do you do in those situations? If it was you who gave that gift, you make your excuses and leave the house. If it’s your kid… well… our deepest sympathies with your impending madness.

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