The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2015
We have everything in 2016’s 12 Ads Of Christmas: training videos, an acid trip, tales of parental torment, and some simply sumptuous seasonal visuals. Let’s dive in...

#12 - H&M
From The Makers Of Happy & Merry

We begin with a full assault on your senses as this heavy dose of seasonal Americana is as subtle as a sprig of holly up your nose. Katy Perry joins in the fun with gusto, and each of the scenes in this short film are really striking. H&M would play this in the background in their stores, and made for really good moving wallpaper.

#11 - Lidl
The Lidl School Of Christmas

Welcome to the big-time, Lidl, as term started at their School Of Christmas with a series of well-worn, if well-written, sketches about different aspects of the season. The jokes kept landing with each appearance, and the spin-off adverts expanding on a different faculty made their series of festive adverts a joy to watch out for.

The tips given actually made sense, too - take a look at this ad featuring wrapping tips and holiday to handle family conflicts.

#10 - Aldi
Aldi Favourite Things

The cheaper stores are really raising their game now, becoming part of that select group of Christmas adverts that we should really watch out for. Aldi’s montage is pretty simple, but so well executed that the visuals just draw you in. The ice skater on the Christmas cake seals it for us. What a shame that Aldi re-used “My Favourite Things” for more ads during 2016, spoiling some of their festive magic.

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