Christmas 2015 Lookback
Rise Of The Small Names

With the major names faltering, watching some of the smaller ones making themselves known, and Robert Dyas is beginning to fill in the void left by the dear departed Woolworths with their Modern Major Christmas Store music hall ad.

Robert Dyas Hits Peak Virality

They even hit gold with a viral video as they showed that all their gifts would be suitable for gays and straights. Apparently it’s a homage to an old Christmas ad by American store Red House which ran a similar ad stating that all their gifts were “suitable for blacks and whites”. It works...

The Bells Aren’t The Only Things That Jingle...

Viral videos are much cheaper to broadcast than their TV ad counterparts as all that’s needed is a YouTube account, so The Body Shop made this wonderfully cheeky (pun intended) rendition of all sorts of people singing Jingle Bells in their baths and showers. It’s very well made, although some things once seen cannot be unseen.

Subtlety Can Impress...

Scrabble. Not entirely an unknown brand, but when was the last time you saw a TV ad for it? And this one is so clever - ever jumbled up the Scrabble tiles on your rack? “Harsh words soften when rearranged”. Wonderful. But what about the harsh words in my head when I pick six vowels in one go?

...And The Not-So-Subtle Can Astonish!

And then there’s just the plain surreal. Oddbins - another brand that’s everywhere, but rarely advertises on TV - decided to combat Christmas curmudgeons with their What The Fox viral. Just… weird… and funny!

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