Christmas 2015 Lookback
Fall Of The Big Names?

Now we get into some controversial ground. We love a well-written, inventive, epic Christmas advert. But the big names who’ve produced the best ads in recent years really lost sight of the ball this time around. We’ll begin with Sainsburys, who really went overboard signing up popular children's’ book character Mog for their Christmas ad. And, yes, it’s a story set at Christmas, and yes, it’s three-and-a-half minutes long, but it isn’t very festive, is it? Sure, it’s very appealing to parents of young children, but it’s lacking that universal appeal which was found in Christmas In A Day.

The supporting ads were much better, featuring short festive scenes and sweet little sketches, but it’s a shame that Sainsburys’ flagship Christmas ad missed the mark.

John Lewis Shoots… And Misses!

And now a statement that could cause rioting: The “Man On the Moon” was not a good John Lewis Christmas ad. But the statement is carefully worded and heavily qualified - it’s a wonderful advert, with a novel story and well put together. But it suffers in the same way that Sainsburys’ ad suffered: with only minor tweaks, this could be a great summer ad for birthday presents. There just wasn’t enough Christmas in the ad, and after “Monty The Penguin” it was just one step too far removed from the festivities for our liking.

Aldi Tweaks John Lewis Again

In what is becoming a Christmas tradition in itself, Aldi joined the nation in spoofing the John Lewis Christmas ad!

Tesco teeter on the edge

Tesco have been having some hard times recently. No longer king of the crop with their stores as they lose market share to the cheaper chains, the store has moved down-market, taking their advertising with it. This Christmas, Tesco decided to launch a range of dreadfully unfunny adverts starring Ruth Jones and Ben Miller.

A Novel Choice Of Career Path

The chain did come up with the imaginative seasonal stunt, though, as they advertised a vacancy for “professional Christmas tree lights untangler”, offering help and advice to decorators in their time of need. It created a fair few headlines, and the resulting viral was quite useful.

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