Christmas 2015 Lookback
Gift Face

Oh my. We’ve all been there. Opening our presents in front of our nearest and dearest on Christmas morning. All that focus on you as you unwrap a pair of gardening gloves. Breathe deeply, smile widely, and try and remember your eBay password. Gift Face was a recurring theme this year in Advert World, and Currys PC World broke the piggy bank by hiring Jeff Goldblum in a series of online and TV ads to teach unsuspecting recipients how to truly receive their uninspiring presents. A welcome return to form from troubled Currys.

Beware Of Face Cramps

But what happens when it’s one awful present after another? As Harvey Nichols shows, you just have to grin and bear it - even if it leads to face cramp. Go on… it’s only once a year...

Group Therapy

May you’d like to handle Gift Face in a more subtle way? Lidl’s School Of Christmas has a course for you...

Enough To Drive You To Drink?

Sometimes, though, you just need a little something to numb the shock. Not alcohol - it may liberate your tension a little too much - but maybe a can of Irn Bru will do the trick?

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