Christmas 2015 Lookback
The Not-A-Horror Story

We’ve had the anti-Christmas advert, where the advert isn’t schmaltzy slushy nonsense, now we’re in the age of the anti-anti-Christmas advert: adverts which scare you half to death before recovering in a way which would bring a tear to your eye. These were good adverts - horrific to watch, but so well plotted. Take Vision Direct’s Pug story - and hold on to the very end...

Don’t Bond With Your Christmas Dinner!

That was as bad as it got, but Vodafone showed why it was possibly not the greatest of ideas to raise your own turkey for Christmas dinner. Again, wait for it...

”What Did They Try Before This?!”

Some things, though, are beyond the pale. Everyone loves hot chocolate at this time of year, and we love the trend for chocolate stirrers to melt in your drink. But Marmite chocolate stirrers?! Horrific. Sacrilegious. Tasteless. I must try one this year...

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