Christmas 2015 Lookback
Community Spirit

It’s no secret that Christmas is the time for giving, but a running theme this Christmas was one of supporting your community. With the world moving faster and becoming more integrated, ironically we were putting more distance between ourselves and our neighbours. Tk Maxx suggested bridging that gap by buying one extra present and giving it to one of your neighbours, just to break the ice.

Thinking Of Others

Speaking of ice, the Co-Op also highlighted the fact that the elderly are sometimes “iced-in” to their homes during these harsher winters we’ve been having recently. Doing a good deed by filling up a shopping bag with food and treats would go down very well - and thirty-two years on, we still associate the music to Bolero with ice skating!

Not-So-Secret Santa

Movies24 channel’s alter ego Christmas24 joined in with a lovely stunt. A giant phone box in the shape of a present was placed in a shopping mall, and passers by who answered the phone were asked if they’d like a free present. One catch - they had to give it to another passer by. Some of the reactions are priceless.

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