Christmas 2015 Lookback
Best Of The Rest

And finally, before we bring you the 12 Ads Of Christmas 2015, a quick whip around the best of the rest - and you can’t go too far wrong with toddlers telling Christmas cracker jokes for Mothercare.

And The Wrath Wreath Goes To...

Every year, there is one Christmas ad which raises the media’s hackles, and this year it was PayPal’s turn to face their wrath for showing parents shopping for gifts in their ad. PayPal eventually resolved to only show this ad after the watershed.

Possibly An Over-Reaction...

Could this be the sharpest advert from the Christmas Run-Up? Mulberry give us their take of the Nativity as a beautiful handbag is revealed to an awaiting world.

You’re Humming The Tune Already

2015 was a Star Wars year, and Duracell picked up the baton from a long chain of Star Wars-based Christmas ads, and it’s not bad.

Bordering On Art...

The House Of Fraser’s Christmas ad isn’t easy to watch, but once you’re over the initial spikiness, it really does become quite spectacular. Love the dinner table scene.

And… Breathe...

And finally… if all the tinsel, music, glitz, glamour and schmaltz is too much for you, KitKat offers you some light relief. And of course, a break.

Ahhhhh… That was a nice breather - and means you’re now energized for the main event: the 12 Ads Of Christmas 2015!
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