Christmas 2015 Lookback
We’re past the big bang, where epic Christmas adverts came out of nowhere, and YouTube became filled with fun festive virals. And if truth be told, the larger names could be accused to coasting a little by focusing too much on being spectacular, but losing sight of the fact that these ads were appearing because it was getting close to Christmas. John Lewis and Sainsburys misfired as they became too self-aware, but that’s alright - plenty of other brands took up the slack. Join us as we take a look at the Run-Up to Christmas 2015...

Sheer creativity

It’s pretty much our mission statement to hunt out and report on new and interesting ways the season is marked, and the BBC’s adoption of “slow TV” has led to this unique two-hour film being recorded. Nothing fancy, just a few cameras strapped to a couple of reindeer-drawn sleighs crossing Lapland, together with plenty of interesting facts along the way about the local lifestyle. In a world where everything is getting faster, watching something beautiful in real-time really stood out. TV has been described as “moving wallpaper”, and this film makes a wonderful backdrop whilst doing other things in the same room.

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If All You Have Is Snow Spray...

How about this for raw talent - everyone knows about spraying snow on windows at this time of year, but have you ever considered treating these windows as a canvas? This time lapse video is an advert for Snow Windows, showing the creation of a masterpiece from clean windows to the finished article. Impressive.

Build Your Own Coca-Cola Truck

On a smaller scale, how much excitement do you think this converted mobility scooter created as it coasted around the neighborhood?

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