The 12 Ads Of Christmas 2014
#6 - Marks and Spencer
Christmas Magic & Sparkle

Last year’s 12 Ads Of Christmas winner returns this year in the top half of the table with another take on the “Magic and Sparkle” theme, this time embodying it as two members of a team of angels flying over snowy rooftops bringing love, joy and gifts around a neighbourhood with a healthy dose of good humour. An absolutely beautiful advert.

#5 - Waitrose
The Gingerbread Stall

Get some tissues ready, this is the first of our adverts which carries a Severe Blubbing Warning. Everything about this advert screams quality craftsmanship, starting with the crowdsourced soundtrack - members of the public were asked to send in videos of themselves singing Dolly Parton’s “Cry”, and these were mixed into the final soundtrack - through to the well-plotted tale of a reluctant schoolgirl’s triumph in learning to bake and sell gingerbread cookies. Whilst heavily-laced with emotional scenes, the advert never becomes cloying or sickly, instead becoming an inspirational and engrossing story.

#4 - Save The Children
Christmas Jumper Day Is On Its Way!

This ad for Save The Children was a well-hidden partnership with Asda’s George clothing line. Whilst not having the budgets of the big boys, Save The Children fight their own corner quite strongly with an impressively executed basic idea: people dancing in Christmas jumpers to Elvis Costello’s “Pump It Up”, together with some clever bits of editing and animations as some of the jumper patterns come to life. Brilliant.

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